Delivery/payment Information

Shipping / Payment Methods


Confirmation of Order Details - Customer

After registering your order, we will contact you via e-mail (in the e-mail you have indicated to us) or by phone to confirm your order.

If it is not possible to contact you:

- order with payment method "Cash on Delivery" will remain pending for three (3) working days. If the above period elapses without action, your order will be CANCELED automatically.

- order payment method "Deposit to bank account" and "Credit Card Debit", EXECUTED under the responsibility of the customer.

** ATTENTION Unconfirmed orders do not bind the selected product, therefore in case of delayed communication with the customer there is a possibility of running out of stock.

Shipping Information

The shipping cost for the orders is proportional to the shipping area and the shipment is made with Speedex Courier which cooperates with the Company

Your orders with the indication:

"Available" Shipped within 24 hours (one (1) business day) of confirming your details.

"Upon Order" Shipped in less than ten (10) working days depending on the size of the order.

With the Sending of your order you receive an e-mail with the shipping details and you receive the product you have chosen in 1-2 Business days depending on your place of residence. Possible delay in delivery of your order after sending it, is the responsibility of the Courier Company.

In any case you receive an informative e-mail about the progress of your order.

In case your order cannot be processed due to force majeure (bad weather, strikes, etc.) or our own fault, we will contact you to let us know if you wish to complete it.

Payment Information

For your convenience and the best service, we have the following payment methods:

- Cash on delivery through a courier company. Cash on delivery orders are charged with € 2 cash on delivery costs. ** ATTENTION Available ONLY for shipments within Greece.

- By deposit in a bank account.

To deposit the amount of your order, choose Piraeus Bank. In the bank deposit you must enter as a reason your full name and the number of your order. For the fastest execution of your order you can contact by phone at 2324093424 for information on the completion of the deposit, or by e-mail at [email protected] The bank account where you can deposit the money is:

Account Beneficiary: MELITOS ATHAN. CHRISTOS

IBAN: GR9801710630006063050060229

By debiting your credit card.

The process of clearing your payment is undertaken by Viva's electronic payments system, thus ensuring the absolute security of your transaction. When entering your card details, the amount is not charged directly, but it gets bind. The charge is made at the invoicing of your order.

For the added security of electronic credit card transactions, these are done with the Viva Wallet security system. In this case, the card details are not stored anywhere, they are only used during the check and billing. This way, the transactions you make through credit cards are completely secure.

Our COMPANY does not collect or store your credit card information in any way, and for this reason you need to re-register it, every time you use your credit card for transactions through this site.